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    Use of the Virtual Line Management Services:

  1. You understand that depending on your mobile phone service provider SMS charges may apply.
  2. You, the user of this service Agree to these Statements and to be bound by the SAFEAPPROACH Terms & Conditions

  3. Use of Your Information:

  4. You grant permission to SAFEAPPROACH, it's parent company, Oxford Properties and/or the individual participating retailer indicated in the Location field above to use your information provide for the purposes of:
  5. Communicating with you for the duration of your participation in the virtual line
  6. Maintaining a safe environment aligned with local public health authority guidelines
  7. Analyzing the data to understand the impact and value of the virtual line management services on retail operations
  8. Improving and maintaining the virtual line management service and operations
  9. For more information on how your personal information is used and protected please see:
  10. The SAFEAPPROACH Privacy Policy
  11. The Oxford Properties Privacy Statement
  12. The Privacy Policy of the individual retailer you intended to visit available at their location

  13. Marketing Material:

  14. While participating in the virtual line you will receive a one-time promotional marketing message delivered over SMS text message from the retailer you selected in the Location option above. If you opt out from the virtual line (reply DROP to the confirmation SMS text message) you will also opt out of receiving the promotional marketing message.

For assistance registering for the virtual line, please text us at (416) 296-0296. Please await further instructions to be delivered by SMS text message to the phone number provided.